Tilton Gas Pedal Torpedvägg / hängande (ALU)

2 580,00 kr
  • 72-615
2 580,00 kr


600-Serien Material:Aluminium Vikt:1,04kg

Tilton 600-Series

Designed to complement Tiltons current generation 600-Series aluminum overhung and firewall-mount pedal assemblies, Tiltons 600-Series throttle pedal is designed to mount onto the existing under-dash framework used for the brake & clutch pedal assembly, enabling customers to have a matched set of clutch, brake and throttle pedals. It can also be used with previous generation Tilton 600-Series pedal assemblies. The throttle pedal is designed to accept Tiltons throttle linkage kits (sold separately), which are available with either mechanical linkage or drive-by-wire systems. A steel extension arm kit, designed for attaching throttle cables in mid- and rear-engine cars, is also available (P/N: 72-183).

The 600-Series throttle pedal assembly features a lightweight and rigid forged aluminum pedal arm and frame, and provides a range of motion of approximately 30 degrees. As with Tiltons current generation 600-Series Aluminum Overhung and Firewall-mount pedal assemblies, the 600-Series throttle pedal allows for a variety of pedal pad configurations, with lateral, vertical and angular adjustments available. It also features built-in throttle stops for both pedal directions. An optional grip-tape pedal pad overlay is included.

  • Forged aluminum pedals engineered for high rigidity and low weight

  • Compatible with either mechanical throttle linkage or drive-by-wire sensor (throttle linkage kits sold separately)

  • Customizable throttle stop positioning

  • Aluminum foot pads can be adjusted vertically, horizontally and in angle to suit individual driver preferences

  • Low friction oil-impregnated bushing on pedal pivots

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