Walbro E85 Fuel Pump Outlet Adapter

270,00 kr
  • 20-0298
270,00 kr


Converts outlet of the Walbro/TI Automotive F90000267 and F90000274 fuel pumps to -6AN male

Click Here to download installation instructions (PDF)

This adapter is used to convert the hose-barbed outlet of the Walbro/TI Automotive F90000267 and F90000274 fuel pumps to -6AN male. The two billet aluminum adapter halves are secured together with stainless steel bolts that clamp tightly around the pump outlet. A stainless steel retainer and Viton O-ring seal for a leak free connection. All components are E85 compatible.

NOTE: Before purchasing this adapter, make sure the pump outlet plastic hose barb ridges are in excellent condition. Damaged or non-round hose barb ridges may prevent the O-ring from obtaining a positive seal.

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